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The #1 app solution for major media.

Replace costly tech teams & agencies with a foolproof mobile app platform from MAZ.

Unparalleled value for your app experience.

Businesses that partner with MAZ see incredible results:


lower cost

Compared to agencies and in-house development teams.


faster to market

Create and submit to all major app stores in an instant.


extra fees

Make real-time edits and iterations, worry-free.


extra hires

No coders or designers necessary, with our state-of-the-art dashboard.

Trusted by hundreds of top brands.

Our comprehensive capabilities, effortless management and low price point make us an obvious choice for enterprises building apps or replacing existing in-house teams or agencies.

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A revolutionary approach to mobile.

Create and launch in an instant.

Our team of experts guide you in building and deploying in every major market at unprecedented speeds. That’s the power of our software & market knowledge.

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Subscription options
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Custom monetization and business tools.

Create the perfect ecosystem to drive up revenue with tools for advertising, freemium models, paywall subscriptions, analytics, and everything in-between.

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Effortless, real-time changes.

Don’t wait weeks for edits, big or small. With MAZ, you can take control directly from our dashboard, see edits in real-time, and submit immediately. Plus, consult our team for help at any time.

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Gorgeous designs.

Explore MAZ’s rich library of layouts and designs and craft the perfect user experience for your business. See everything in your brand colors, fonts, custom structure and more.

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Let's step it up.

Get a world-class mobile app with MAZ.

Unmatched business tools.

Create and capture new lines of revenue from your mobile app experiences.

Let casual users preview premium content and features, with metered paywalls by time or content amount. Then deliver a beautiful experience for your dedicated subscriber base.

MAZ comes with built-in integrations with top ad services like Google Ad Manager, Spot X, IAB Compliance, native sponsorship tools and so much more.

With MAZ, you can sync your content across devices and track subscribers wherever they go. This creates amazing marketing segmentation opportunities for your business.

Case Studies

logo / hbr-casestudyCreated with Sketch.
Reduce Development Costs
HBR saved thousands on their mobile app expenses.
Branding and Customization
Created a branded user experience for their users.
logo / salon-casestudyCreated with Sketch.
Monetize Content
Salon created a new revenue stream via mobile and OTT paywalls.
Subscription Tools
Created a branded user experience for their users.

White-glove customer support service.

Our experts are available online or on-call, speeding your business through time-consuming operations like onboarding, app submission on all stores, end user support, design/copy changes and more.

Let's step it up.

Get a world-class mobile app with MAZ.